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Paulinchen e.V. – Initiative for Young Burn Survivors
Segeberger Chaussee 35
22850 Norderstedt/Germany

tel.: +49 40 529 50 666
mail: info(at)paulinchen.de

Paulinchen e.V. – Initiative for Young Burn Survivors

What does Paulinchen do?

• Advises and networks families with burn-injured children in every phase after the accident.
• Provides a large network of expertise for all issues related to the burn injury.
• Organises Burn Camps as support during the rehabilitation period.
• Represents the interests of young burn survivors and carries out lobbying.
• Runs prevention campaigns to educate and warn about safety hazards.

„Anyone who is concerned with the subject burns and scalds or is involved in preventive work should know that, thanks to Paulinchen – Initiative for Young Burn Survivors, there is an institution in Germany where their questions are answered.“

Marlene Rupprecht, Former Member of the Children’s Commission of the German Bundestag (2002-2013)


Burn Awareness Day on December 7

Once a year on December 7, Paulinchen points out safety hazards and treatment options for children with burns and scalding injuries. Through prevention campaigns and information material the day aims to bring attention to the high rates of these regrettable—and preventable—accidents. Every year a new motto is chosen to draw attention to a wide variety of hazards that can cause burn or scalding accidents primarily involving children and young adults.


Paulinchen organized the first annual “Young Burn Survivor’s Day” on December 7, 2010. The intention was to raise awareness about the more than 30,000 children under the age of 15 who are treated with burn and scald injuries in Germany each year. Today, more than three hundred activities with 130 partners are organized in Germany every year. International partners from countries such as Croatia, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Sweden also participate in or have implemented their own Burn Awareness Days.


Our vision is for a “World Burn Awareness Day” to be officially approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). To make this happen, we need as many countries as possible to participate! Help us spread the idea around the world and prevent children from experiencing burns and scalding accidents. If you already have a “Burn Awareness Day” or a “Burn Prevention Day” in your country, we would appreciate receiving more details!


We would be very glad if you would join us by actively taking part! Each participant can create their own “Burn Awareness Day.” Our organization “Paulinchen – Initiative for Young Burn Survivors” is happy to provide you with a platform. Spread the word through media in your country. Set up an event or campaign. Find some more ideas below. Last but not least, let us know what you are planning. We will list all activities on a map and a short description of your event on our website.


Anyone who wants to spread this important information: hospitals, doctors, nurses, fire departments, schools, kindergartens, families, companies—anyone with a connection to the cause. You are also very welcome to participate if your hospital or medical team treats adults with burns. Contact Form


·         Start activities on social media using the hashtags #TDBK2023 or #BeBurnsAware

·         Follow Paulinchen on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube

·         Link your homepage to our website

·         Set up an information stand or booth

·         Spread material: hang posters and hand out brochures and flyers

·         Plan an activity involving children in schools or kindergartens (such as visiting a fire station or hospital, or organizing a balloon competition).

·         Distribute a press release and/ or articles and interviews to the local press

·         Organize first-aid training

·         Organize fire-safety education

·         Get involved in fundraising


2023: "Hot as fire! Dangerous as fire! Injured by fire!"

2022: "Burnt, scalded, what now?"

2021: “Christmas lights - burning bright”

2020: “Caution: Hot!”

2019: “BIG BANG: The Dangers of Firecrackers”

2018: “Still So Small—but Already Burned”

2017: “Keep Children's Hands away from Hot Surfaces“

2016: “Hot Hazards for Kids“


Paulinchen can provide material for activities taking place in Germany. Please understand that our non-profit budget makes us unable to send materials to international destinations. You are welcome, however, to create own flyers, posters etc. and you may—in consultation with Paulinchen—use our logo and slogans. Our prevention brochure, “Aktion Paulinchen,” has been translated into Arabic, English, Farsi, Greek, Polish, Russian, Turkish and Ukrainian. Prevention films are available on YouTube.